All-Time Angels Team

The Angels have a shorter history than most teams, coming into play in the early '60s.  The team is kind of weak compared to some teams we've done.  There have been some really good pitching over the years.  Dean Chance had a tremendous year in 1964, winning the CY Young and throwing 11 shutouts.  Then came Nolan Ryan and history was made.  Here's our team:
C-Bob Boone
1B-Rod Carew
2B-Bobby Grich
SS-Jim Fregosi
3B-Troy Glaus
OF-Garret Andersen
Of-Vlad Guerrero
OF-Tim Salmon
DH-Brian Downing
SP-Nolan Ryan
SP-Chuck Finley
Cl-Troy Percival


  1. honorable mention Enrico Pollazzo as Home Plate Umpire

  2. Could have also went with Christopher Lloyd in the outfield, eh?

  3. Tony Danza as the SP above Ryan how could Ken miss that.

  4. Only my nephew would bring that up. Enrico Pollazzo might be the funniest moment in sports cinema.


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