All-Time Braves Team

Back to the NL for another all time team. This one pained my quite a bit as we had to leave off a hall of famer (Eddie Matthews) due to our rule of DH in the AL only. It further pained me because that guy who supplanted Matthews checks in as my most hated player of all time. As much as I loathe him, however, I can't argue that his numbers are better. With that, here's the list.

C - Joe Torre
1B - Joe Adcock
2B - Felix Millan
SS - Rafael Furcal
3B - Chipper Jones
OF - Dale Murphy
OF - Andruw Jones
OF - Hank Aaron
SP - Warren Spahn
SP - Greg Maddux
CL - John Smoltz

Middle of the diamond has not been a historical strong suit for the Braves over the years. We looked at HOF Rabbit Maranville, but he didn't play that great with the Braves. Tough to leave Glavine off the list, but he fell just shy. Brian McCann may end up being the best Atlanta catcher of all time, but he's not quite there yet.


  1. Tough to leave Phil Niekro off also. Lew Burdette won 3 games in the WS against the Yankees, tough to leave him off also. Can anybody think of better 2b or SS? Can't believe there isn't more to chose from.

  2. Admittedly, I leaned towards McCann and admittedly, I think I was wrong. Torre always strikes me as an average ballplayer but his numbers tell a different story- see no reason why he's not in the Hall as a player. McCann is just as good but for now, Torre deserves the nod.

    The middle infield is so weak... Maranville is a hall of famed but only because he played 23 seasons; I would defer to Furcal and Milan. Honorable mention to Fred McGriff and definitely Eddie Marthews (he made my list- not a Larry Jones fan even though he's a sure thing HOF'er).


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