Buster Posey Injury & Aftermath

By now, most of you have heard of the Buster Posey injury and maybe even seen the highlights. I just saw the replay the other day, and normally I/we at this blog don't chime into these types of stories. However, when the topic of rule changes get bandied about, that becomes something of interest to us, and presumably all of you. Add to that the maelstrom created by Brian Sabean, and the story is taking on several different turns.

To recap for the half dozen or so people that don't know the story. Giants catcher Buster Posey was "trucked" or barreled over at home plate by Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins on May 25. As a result, Posey suffered a broken bone in his leg and some torn ligaments.

I think everyone that sees the play will disagree vehemently with Giants GM Brian Sabean's remarks about Cousins' malicious intent. It was a hard nosed play, one that happens dozens of times throughout each season. It didn't seem premeditated especially since Cousins was visibly concerned for Posey after the incident. Now Cousins is receiving death threats (he has ties to San Francisco) and Sabean intimated that there would be payback. It's hard for me to condemn a kid that's trying to stay with the ballclub by being aggressive and hustling.

In the wake of the accident, several people are calling for rule changes citing the catcher as being defenseless in these collisions. I'm no expert, but if the catcher has the right to block the plate with his body and legs, what choice does the runner have but to barrel him over? That's what players are taught to do. Cousins didn't head hunt Posey either, it was body to body, and while they were tangled, Posey's leg was twisted awkwardly. If he had aimed for the head, there may be something more there to investigate, but to me the play seemed clean.

Of course, the most infamous case of a runner/catcher collision involved Pete Rose and Ray Fosse. Rose plowed into Fosse (at an All Star game no less) and many think the aftermath of the collision ruined Fosse's promising career. It was taken as part of the game. It's unfortunate that it ended Posey's season, but if they're going to say you can't truck the catcher, then the catcher shouldn't be allowed to block the plate either.

We're interested to hear your opinions and comments on the story, what say you?


  1. The play certainly wasn't as malicious as some I've seen... Like, every time Prince Fielder is involved in a close play at home (he always comes in high). Most of the time, injuries happen on balls go to right field; the Posey play was hit to left so he saw it coming; his leg just got caugh underneath of him. It is an unfortunate part of catching and I'm not 100% sure what should be done but I think that a rule change could be appropriate. Maybe eliminate head on collisions at home on balls hit to right field. As for the Rose/Fosse play- in an all-star game, totally uncalled for and I don't care if your M.O. Is grit and hustle.

  2. It's a part of baseball and always has been. The catcher is allowed to block the plate and the runner can choose to barrel over him or go around. If someone gets hurt, so be it. If the catcher is your best player and you don't want him getting barreled over, put him in the outfield and quit complaining. I'd hate to see Posey get moved to another position, he's a good defensive player, but don't change the rules. Mauer is another who is hurt a lot. Part of the game. Both these guys have the chance to be all-time great catchers and I'd love to see them stay there as catchers, but I'm not changing the rules so they can be babied.

    And the Rose/Fosse play is a classic. Play the game aggressive!! Everybody wants to be coddled these days. I think it's because they make too much money! I'm just saying.


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