My family link to Dodgers organization

Growing up, I had heard of my family's involvement with the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s and 1950s. I never really mentioned it very often because I didn't think it could be proven beyond family folklore. Recently, through some research as well as my father's extensive research, I can now proudly prove these claims.

Dr. John L. McAteer

My great great uncle, Dr. John L. McAteer, was a prominent dentist in Brooklyn. He had garnered many prominent contacts in both the political and business sectors during his professional career. This included being a mainstay in The Anvil Chorus, a political satire group of the time. It's unclear how it came to pass, but Dr. John McAteer was also the team Dentist for the Brooklyn Dodgers. There isn't much information out there that mentions any particular player interactions with him, but several newspaper articles, including his obituary, specifically name him as the team dentist. He was a very dynamic and fascinating man, and was a noted poet in addition to his profession and political affiliations. He's been referred to as The Dentist Laureate and also The Poet Laureate of Borough Hall. In the coming days, I will post a poem that Dr. John McAteer wrote about the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Dr. Daniel A. McAteer Sr.

My great great grandfather, Dr. Daniel A. McAteer Sr., and brother of John McAteer, was a noted physician in Brooklyn at the same time as his brother. Also through his brother, Dr. Daniel McAteer Sr. was the primary team physician for the Brooklyn Dodgers. There are some interesting articles that quote him discussing injuries to players. One that continues to astound me surrounds a collision between Johnny Mize and another player. Thinking that my great great grandfather not only interacted with, but also treated, Mize amazes me. Especially with my love of baseball history. Dr. Daniel McAteer Sr. was also highly involved with many Brooklyn hospitals. I don't exactly know how team doctors worked during those decades, but I imagine the baseball team was not their sole employement. I get the impression that they were more on-call during the season, but maintained their own private practices as well.

Dr. Daniel A. McAteer Jr

Dr. Daniel McAteer Jr. was my grandfather, and the only one of the three doctors I knew. He relayed many of the stories to my father. It's unfortunate and I regret that he passed on before my love of baseball emerged to the point where I would be interested in the family history. I would have loved to listen to as much of the history as possible. He remained a big baseball fan his entire life, and some of my fondest childhood memories are watching Mets games with he and my father at the family home in Brooklyn. When his father, Dr. Daniel Sr was unavailable or on vacation, my grandfather, D.A. McAteer Jr (as he often went by), would take over as team doctor for the Dodgers. I recently uncovered an article relaying the infamous beaning of Dodger legend Pete Reiser. D.A. McAteer Jr was the attending physician that treated Reiser after the beaning. He was quoted throughout the article discussing the injury and prognosis for Reiser.

I'm extremely proud of my relatives' service to the Dodgers and hope to uncover more information about their interactions. I will post any new information that comes out including, as mentioned, some poems from my uncle.


  1. My Grandfather was Jack Collins who your Great Great Uncle wrote the poem to and I have a newspaper article about your GG Uncle. I would love to be able to share it with you.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Sandy. I'm sure that Mc will want to catch up with you- it's awesome that you found us. A great way to start the day!


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