All-Time Fictional Characters Team

For fun, we thought we'd try to field a team of fictional characters from television, comics, and movies. Unlike other all time teams, we added some extra non-player roles to the team. The team personnel is included after the jump break.

Everyday Players
C - Crash Davis (Bull Durham)
1B - Jack Elliot (Mr. Baseball)
2B - Tony Micelli (Who's The Boss)
3B - Roger Dorn (Major League)
SS - Benny Rodriguez (The Sandlot)
IF - Tanner Boyle (The Bad News Bears)
OF - Willie Mays Hayes (Major League)
OF - Joe Shlabotnik (Peanuts/Charlie Brown)
OF - Kelly Leak (The Bad News Bears)
OF - Pedro Cerrano (Major League)
DH - Chico Esquela (Saturday Night Live)

Pitching Staff
SP - Ebby Calvin "Nuke" Laloosh (Bull Durham)
SP - Henry Rowengartner (Rookie Of The Year)
SP - Carmen Ronzonni (The Bad News Bears)
SP - Steve Nebraska (The Scout)
RP - Sam Malone (Cheers)
CL - Ricky Vaughn (Major League)

Front Office/Team Staff
Manager - Morris Buttermaker (Bad News Bears)
Pitching Coach - Coach (Cheers)
Bench Coach - Lou Brown (Major League)
Hitting Coach - Jake Taylor (Major League 2)
Field Maintenance - Ray Kinsella (Field of Dreams)
Team Announcer - Harry Doyle (Major League)
Team Scout - Annie Savoy (Bull Durham)

Chico Esquela was a Garrett Morris character (SNL) that coined the phrase, baseball been berra berra good to me. Tony Micelli played 2B for the Cards before becoming a housekeeper. It's a stretch, yes, but I challenge anyone to come up with a better choice at 2B. Joe Shlabotnik was the hero of Charlie Brown. Something always came up that prevented Charlie from meeting his hero. Shlabotnik was hit .004 for a season, getting one lone bloop hit. He later went on to manager and was fired after calling a suicide squeeze with no one on base.

There are a couple prominent names we passed on, see if you can point them out to us.


  1. Morris Buttermaker and Coach make me laugh just reading their names, great characters.

  2. What about Rex and Bernie Mac's characters in Mr. 3000??


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