The Dentist Laureate: Dodger Verse

Another quick verse by my uncle, Dr. John L. McAteer.

It was dire, dire, dire,
With the tension mountin' higher
As the Flock approached the wire
In this gruelin' baseball war.

But the boys went in there swattin'
So, my friend, you ain't seen nottin'
It's all over but the "Shotton"
And it won't be Dyer, Dyer anymore.

Uncle John often referred to his beloved Dodgers as the Flock. In this piece, "It's all over but the Shotton" is a reference to Burt Shotton who was the Dodger manager in 1950 when this poem was published. Dyer, Dyer is a reference to Cardinals manager, Eddie Dyer. The Cardinals and Dodgers had been very close rivals during this time.

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