They Finally Got It Right: Ron Santo Elected Into Hall

Today, Ron Santo was posthumously elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran's Committee.  Santo is an iconic figure in Chicago Cubs history.  He made our All-Time Cubs team as well as our 1960's NL All-Decade team.  We actually referred to Santo as the ultimate Hall of Fame snub... that comment probably tells you everything you need to know about how we feel on this matter.  It's a shame that Santo was not around to witness his enshrinement.  Santo was a tremendous fielder, earning five Gold Gloves.  He ranks fifth all-time in assists as a third baseman and 8th in total games played as a third baseman.  Besides being a tremendous fielder, Santo was a very good hitter.  He was a career .277 hitter but he also maintained a stellar .362 on-base percentage and a respectable .464 slugging percentage.  Santo was a beacon of consistency over the course of his 15 year career, earning nine all-star appearances.  He was also made contributions to baseball after his playing years, spending two decades as a Cubs broadcaster and a statue was resurrected outside of Wrigley Field this past August, less than a year following his death, a result of complications from bladder cancer.  Santo represents all that is right in baseball; revered by fans, players and everyone else around the game.  Congratulations to the Santo family and the Cubs organization.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better, long overdue and just a shame they couldn't have done it when he was alive. Outstanding fielder and hitter and all around good for baseball rep. Should have been done long ago.


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