Barry Larkin Elected Into Baseball Hall of Fame

Barry Larkin will join Ron Santo as the only two members of the Hall of Fame class of 2012.  Santo was elected by the Veteran's Committee earlier this year.  Larkin earned an 86.4% vote, well above the 75% required to be enshrined.  His support jumped from 62.1% a year ago to 86.4% in this, his third year of eligibility.

Players that received increased support include Jack Morris (66.7%), Jeff Bagwell (56%), Lee Smith (50.6%), Tim Raines (48.7%), Alan Trammell (36.8%), Edgar Martinez (36.5%), Fred McGriff (23.9%), Larry Walker (22.9%), Don Mattingly (17.8%), Dale Murphy (14.5%) and Rafael Palmeiro (12.6%).

Bernie Williams received a 9.6% vote in his first year of eligibility; that level of support does not bode well for Bernie's chances of Hall of Fame election.

Mark McGwire is the only player that will return to next year's ballot whose support actually decreased (from 19.8% to 19.5%).  Two-time MVP Juan Gonzalez, who earned less than the 5% required to remain on the ballot, will not find a spot in Cooperstown by the traditional voting method.

Barry Larkin was a great player; perhaps overshadowed somewhat by Ozzie Smith and Cal Ripken during his playing days, but his eight Silver Slugger awards, a 1995 MVP award and multiple Gold Gloves tells you all you need to know.  There was some disagreement here as to whether Larkin deserved to be enshrined among the all-time greats  but there is no debating the fact that Larkin was a great all-around baseball player.   We congratulate Larkin and the Reds family on the enshrinement.

Looking ahead, the underlying support numbers tell us that the upcoming years could be very interesting.  Jack Morris' 66.7% support would typically be enough to call his enshrinement a slam dunk but given the names that will be appearing on next year's ballot for the first time... Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling and Sammy Sosa, to name a few... all bets are off.  Because of the steroid allegations associated with Bonds, Clemens, Piazza and Sosa (first-ballot candidates, by the numbers), it's likely that the ballot won't be too crowded for Morris to get in but a lot can happen in a year.

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  1. Next year's hall of fame voting will bring lots of debating and arguments. Can't wait!


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