Josh Hamilton - 4 Homer Games Trivia and Bizarre Foreshadowing

Josh Hamilton became the sixteenth player in baseball history to hit four home runs in a single game last night, belting four home runs against the Orioles in Baltimore (earning the rare on-the-road standing ovation).  

A week ago, May 1st, 2012, I sent an email to Mc and Hersh asking them to name the *15 players that have hit four home runs in a single game in major league history.  Here's a copy of the email in it's entirety:

Stupid trivia... 
- In baseball history, only 15 players have hit 4 home runs in a single game (two being pre-1900).  
- Of those 15 players, five are in the hall of fame and three of those five are Phillies.  
- Out of the 15, only four hit fewer than 200 home runs (the rest were fairly decent sluggers- you could almost make an all-time team with the players on this list... Not sure who would play shortstop).  
- Only one player since 1900 has hit four home runs in a game that his team lost (July 6, 1986).  
- Of the 15, ten were National League hitters at the time they accomplished this feat.

See how well you can do with this list...

Chuck -

My colleagues did a bang-up job (getting 14 of the 15 names... I'll give you a chance to do the same).  Seeing the congratulatory tweets of Carlos Delgado and Shawn Green on SportsCenter this morning reminded me that I had sent the email trivia a week ago; it definitely gave me the chills.  I'm not sure what prompted me to send that particular trivia question last week but I thought that it was appropriate to share the question today.  You'll find the answer after the jump.

Player (team) - Date 
Bobby Lowe (Boston Beaneaters) - May 30, 1984
Ed Delahanty (PHI) - July 13, 1896 (vs. Chicago Colts, Phillies lost 8-9) 
Lou Gehrig (NYY) - June 3, 1932
Chuck Klein (PHI) - July 10, 1936
Pat Seerey (CHW) - July 18, 1948
Gil Hodges (Brooklyn Dodgers) - August 31, 1950
Joe Adcock (Milwaukee Braves) - July 31, 1954
Rocky Colavito (CLE) - June 10, 1959
Willie Mays (SFG) - April 30, 1961
Mike Schmidt (PHI) - April 17, 1976
Bob Horner (ATL) - July 6, 1986 (vs. Expos, Braves lost 8-11)
Mark Whiten (STL) - September 7, 1993
Mike Cameron (SEA) - May 2, 2002
Shawn Green (LAD) - May 23, 2002
Carlos Delgado (TOR) - September 25, 2003
*Josh Hamilton (TEX) - May 8, 2012

Check out this wiki page for additional information on this feat.


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