BBA Announces Willie Mays Award Winners For Top Rookies

Yesterday, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) announced the recipients of the 2012 Willie Mays Award which honors the best rookies in each league.  Our ballots reflected both winners so we feel that the BBA conglomerate got it right.

The official BBA announcement can be seen here.
Our selections post can be seen here.

In the AL, Mike Trout won the award unanimously... every voting BBA member voted for Trout and rightfully so as the Rookie took the American League by storm.  He was one stolen base shy of reaching the 30 home run / 50 stolen base mark - a feat which has only been accomplished twice in baseball history (Eric Davis, 1987 and Barry Bonds, 1990).

In the NL, Bryce Harper won the award by earning 66% of the votes.  Harper's energy carried the Nationals to their first playoff berth since 1981 - his team desperately needed him while Mike Morse and Jayson Werth were both on the DL and Harper came through.  The All-Star left fielder posted a triple slash line of .270/.340/.477.

Congratulations Trout and Harper on the well deserved awards.


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