Knowing Our Roll - The Reaction to HOF Judgment Day

Disinterested in the Hall of Fame vote, Bonds retreated to Hawaii.

Yesterday was a sad day for baseball.  Regardless whether you agree with the Writers' collective stance and the results, it's sad to think that it will be a quiet day in Cooperstown on July 28th, the date reserved for enshrinement.  It's sad to think that, despite this being one of the strongest Hall of Fame ballots we've seen in a long time, no one was deemed worthy of enshrinement among the game's all-time legends. 

The backlash of these results can be seen across our blog roll in places like San Francisco, New York, Houston and Los Angeles.  We're thoughtfully working on a response to the results but we hope that you will take a look at some of the stories on our blog roll for the reactions across the blogosphere:

Astros County has three really great pieces...
The first one, aptly titled "You Blew It, BBWAA" talks about the Craig Biggio travesty. 

The second Astros County post titled "A lot can change for Jon Heyman in 21 months"  takes a look at the hypocrisy of one BBWAA voter, Jon Heyman (who did not vote for Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, Mike Piazza or Jeff Bagwell)... this gem throws out a host of Heyman quotes from 2011 such as this one:

"It's probably easier just to promise not to vote any steroid users into the Hall.  But I am not ready to wipe out an entire era... I'm not here to sit in moral judgmenet of another human being."

The last AstrosCounty piece takes a look at some "Notable Ballots" that were turned in.

A piece that I wrote in support of Craig Biggio was featured at the Hall of Very Good.  HOVG also looks ahead at the 2014 HOF Crop, which is stacked with worthy candidates (making it more disturbing that the BBWAA would vote no one in this year - the ballots for the next three years will be clogged, for sure and good players like Kenny Lofton will receive no support).

South Side Sox discusses the Hall of Fame "process" and what it might mean for Frank Thomas.

BoSox Injection discusses the legitimacy of a Players Only Hall of Fame vote.


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