Getting Your Fantasy Baseball Fix

In the past, we have done fantasy rankings... this year, we decided to axe our fantasy baseball commitments for a couple of reasons.  

First, we enjoy fantasy baseball and we compete in a long-standing fantasy baseball league but we recognize that we're not fantasy baseball experts by any means.  When you call yourself a fantasy baseball expert, you are implying that you understand and participate in different fantasy formats (ESPN, Yahoo!, Head to Head, Auction, etc.).  Mc and I competed in a Yahoo! RotoLeague every year and we don't intend to change that because if it ain't broke, we don't have the time to try to fix it.  

Second, moving forward, our blog is going to be laser focused on current events of historical significance, historical events and players of interest, trivia and the almighty baseball lists that we have compiled.  We're going to try to stick to what we do best... real baseball.

But what I wanted to do for our readers, is supply you with a Top 10 list of the best Fantasy Baseball Websites and Blogs.  Feel free to scour the sites below... some of the sites are truly Fantasy Focused while a few provide you with what you'll need on a day to day basis to get your Fantasy Baseball Fix:


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