Baseball Junkies: Annual Predictions (Part 2)

Continuing on with our predictions, today we're taking a look at player predictions.  Last year's player predictions can be seen here (Hersh got three names right, Mc got two and I laid a goose egg). 


AL/NL MVP:     Miguel Cabrera / Andrew McCutchen
AL/NL CY:        Justin Verlander / Clayton Kershaw
AL/NL MOY:    Buck Showalter/Charlie Manuel
AL/NL Comeback:      Mariano Rivera/Ryan Howard
AL/NL ROY:       Bruce Rondon/Hyun-Jin Ryu
AL Most Excited to Watch:      It will be interesting to see if there is a complete shift in the AL East standings.  It could look upside down with Toronto and Baltimore vying for the division while New York, Boston, and Tampa battle for the basement.
NL Most Excited to Watch:      The Los Angeles Yankees Dodgers.  Interested to see if money can buy a team on the West Coast.


AL/NL MVP:      Prince Fielder/Adrian Gonzalez
AL/NL CY:     Josh Johnson/Cole Hamels
AL/NL MOY:      Jim Leyland/Dusty Baker
AL/NL Comeback:      Mariano Rivera/Ryan Howard
AL/NL ROY:      Will Myers/Shelby Miller
AL Most Excited to Watch:      Can the Blue Jays take over the AL East?
NL Most Excited to Watch:      I have to go with the Dodgers also.  Did they buy the pennant?


AL/NL MVP:      Miguel Cabrera / Joey Votto

AL/NL CY:      Jered Weaver / Clayton Kershaw

AL/NL MOY:      Eric Wedge / Don Mattingly

AL/NL Comeback:      Mariano Rivera / Ryan Howard
AL/NL ROY:      Nick Franklin / Shelby Miller

AL Most Excited to Watch:      I think that the Detroit Tigers are going to win 115 games this year.  They are absolutely stacked top to bottom.  Their projected lineup is stacked, top to bottom: 1. Austin Jackson 2. Torii Hunter 3. Miguel Cabrera 4. Prince Fielder 5. Victor Martinez 6. Andy Dierks 7. Johnny Peralta 8. Alex Avila 9. Omar Infante… Their rotation is a bit top heavy but if your greatest concern is your fifth starter (who happens to have ace potential), I think you’re ok.  Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez and Rick Porcello are as good as it gets.

NL Most Excited to Watch: The Dodgers can Don Mattingly keep the egos working towards the common goal?  With Carl Crawford still on the mend and Hanley Ramirez on the shelf for eight weeks (in case you haven’t heard, he’s scheduled to have surgery on Friday to fix the thumb he injured playing in the World Baseball Classic), it will be interesting to see how this team handles early season challenges.  Can they persevere or will they succumb to the pressures of championship expectations?  As long as Mattingly doesn’t lose the clubhouse, I think they’ll be fine but it will be interesting to watch.


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