FBJ Favorites

Believe it or not, FBJ has been around fo parts of two years.  Our first post was created December 10, 2010 commemorating the death of Rapid Robert, Bob Feller. To this day, that remains one of my favorite posts.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you a quick "Top Ten" list of some of my favorite posts that we have done over the past thirteen months at FBJ.  I hope you'll enjoy looking back on them as much as I did:

1. Top Ten Baseball Video Games - a great post highlighting our top ten baseball video games of all-time.
2. Best Big Game Pitcher of All-Time - short and sweet, the most comments on any post we've ever written. Faced with a win or go home, which pitcher would you pick?
3. The Worth of Greatness - Albert Pujols - an analysis of Albert Pujols' true worth in historical context.
4. Ted Williams Wins Triple Crown... Loses MVP - Highlighting two of the biggest MVP snubs of all time; Ted Williams' historic 1942 and 1947 seasons.
5. Clutch Hitters: Players That Deliver When It Counts - we highlighted some of the most clutch hitters in baseball history.
6. Free Agents Class of 2012: Jimmy Rollins - our most viewed post of all-time (patting myself on the back, I predicted Jimmy Rollins would be back with the Phillies and that he would sign a 3 year deal worth around $12 million per year with a fourth year option; he signed for $3 years and $11 million with a fourth year option)
7. Brooklyn Dodgers: An Ode from the Dentist Laureate - in my opinion, the "Dentist Laureate" string of posts is probably the most meaningful string of posts you'll find on here.  This poem, published in the Brooklyn Eagle in 1944, was one of three posts that chronicle Mc's family connection to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  This is something that you will not find anywhere else.
8. Remembering Killebrew - our post honoring the prolific home run hitter, Harmon Killebrew, who died in May 2011.
9. Hall of Fame Debate: Fred McGriff - one of my favorite Hall of Fame debates.
10. Top 10 Worst Announcers - forget being politically correct for just one moment and indulge in the pleasure of a post that points out the announcers that flat out stink.


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